Parent Involvement

Parent involvement at Davis Waldorf School (DWS) enriches your child’s school experience and the experience of the entire school community. The nurturing and protective sense of community at DWS is tangible and requires participation by the entire community to sustain its vitality. The school community deeply appreciates parents who give so generously of their time and talent. Participation on committees and work for the school is truly voluntary. We welcome all new families into our community, and we respect that each family must find the degree of involvement that is comfortable and appropriate for them. As a guideline, 30 hours per year of volunteer community service from each parent helps keep our activities fun, healthy and the workload balanced.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer opportunities can be found in our bi-weekly newsletter, on our classroom pages, and posted on our bulletin boards. Of course, many opportunities to participate arise through word-of-mouth and informal networking with other parents.  Here are some some ways to get involved:

Board of Directors
Our board is responsible for financial management of the school and ensuring legal compliance. Board members are responsible for strategic planning and capital development. Board meetings are monthly and open to all. 

Parent Council
Our Parent Council is a place for parents to come together, to connect with other parents, to have a voice, to be informed about what’s happening at DWS, to learn about Waldorf education and to exercise parental leadership, which all contributes to our goals to build community and bridge communication. Our meetings are monthly and open to all.

Festivals and Events
We have festivals and events throughout the year and always have a need for extra hands. These events are a delightful way to showcase our school and a fun way to get to know other parents across the grades. Volunteers are needed for a few hours up to carrying a leadership role. Participation in the festivals Working Group is also encouraged and appreciated.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee plans and adheres to the school’s yearly budget, analyzes the school’s financial position, and makes recommendations to the board for school expenditures. Meets once per month.

Site Committee
A small team of dedicated parents are needed to help plan campus building and major renovation projects, beautification efforts, organize volunteers, and support our professional landscape maintenance services. Site Committee and Landscape Committee (subcommittee of Site) members meet about every six weeks.  All families should plan to attend the yearly all-school clean-up and beautification efforts. Kindergarten and Preschool grounds are maintained by parents of children in those programs, please contact your child’s teacher to help.

Benefit Dinner and Auction

Our auction is held annually in the spring and is one of our two major fundraisers and is well-attended and organized by parents. We generally need:
Acquisitions Committee: 5-10 people in September through February to help brainstorm and identify sources, reach out to and procure items, sponsorships and advertisers.
Publicity: 4-8 people in September through March to design the website, invitations, catalog, and thank you letters.
Food, Drinks, Decorations and Entertainment: 2-5 people in August through March to brainstorm, plan, design and organize all elements of the party.
Day Before Auction: 6-8 people to set up computers, prepare check-in folders, organize check-out certificates.
Day of Auction: 10-12 people to help move items to auction site, set-up and decorate.
Night of Auction: 20-30 people to help with greeting, raffle ticket sales, registration, runners, table marshals, auction item check-out, food help, games, live auction showcase, food coordination, bar, floor management, and clean up.

Outreach presents the Davis Waldorf School to the community through tabling, mailings, etc. We have fun and spread the word about our amazing school!