Live Auction Items

These are the 2021 Live Auction items currently available for the Annual Benefit Auction. 

Premier Parking Spot

Details: This is a highly coveted offering at the auction each year.  Be the envy of all the other parents who are as rushed as you but who won’t have the comfort of knowing there is a parking space waiting just for them, to have a guaranteed spot to safely load and unload their children and be able to get out of the car with them.


Important Reminder:

Please note donations are still coming in so check back for updates to this page.


Love these items but feel like they might be out of your budget?

Checkout the Golden Ticket Raffle! Pay online now & we will email you when it is ready to pick up in the office.  Hurry because only 50 will be sold! Click here for the Golden Ticket Rules.

Not able to attend but see an item you would really like to purchase?

We’ve got you covered! Tell us what the item is, your bid limit, and we’ll bid on the item for you.  We’ll only up the bid by the minimum amount required & stop where you tell us. Email for details & coordination.