Golden Ticket Raffle

The idea of the GOLDEN TICKET is that it allows for an individual to draw for the live auction item of their choice BEFORE the bidding is opened. 

You could walk away with the premier parking spot, or another item of your choice for just $100!

***Please note, the Golden Ticket Raffle is a separate purchase from your event entrance ticket.  Both may be paid for at the same time but they are separate items.

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Rules and Regulations of the Golden Ticket: 

    • Only 50 tickets will be sold at $100 each, in addition, there is no maximum on how many tickets an individual can purchase.

    • Pick-up & fill in your ticket at the office, at a Parent Council Meeting or at a Board Meeting.  If you do not fill your ticket in you forfeit your claim to a prize.

    • Need not be present to win but you must indicate your prize choice on your ticket stub. If you are not present and you did not indicate a prize choice, you forfeit your prize and another ticket will be drawn.

    • If new items are added to the live auction list any time after you purchase your ticket and up to two weeks prior to the auction, ticket holders will be notified via email & given the opportunity to change their selection in case they will not be present.  If you do not reply to the email your original selection stands.

    • If you are present you may change your prize selection at the time of the drawing but not before and not after.

    • We have had generous donors who walk in on the night of the auction with an item to sell in the live auction. We will be unable to notify absentee winners of any last minute additions and you will be awarded the choice indicated on your ticket stub.  

    • Any donations made after the drawing will not be eligible as a golden ticket prize. (i.e. after the golden ticket prize is selected by the winner there are no trades).

    • A minimum of 25 tickets must be sold for the drawing to be held.  If the minimum sales are not reached, the purchaser can decide to donate the funds to the school or to request a refund.  If a refund is prefered, the ticket purchaser is responsible for requesting the refund by emailing