Annual Giving Campaign

Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our goal!

Annual Giving 2022 has ended, but the building project has just begun! Make sure to check back in to see how the project is coming along. We are aiming to break ground on Phase One of the project this summer, 2023, but we need your help. Construction projects are not cheap, and every dollar donated is a huge help in offsetting the planned and unplanned costs of such a major undertaking. 


The Davis Waldorf School is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and every gift to the school is 100% tax-deductible to the extent of IRS regulations.



Over 36 years ago, our school started from a small group of parents who sought this inspirational education for their children. Together, this group of parents wove their dreams together and built this school through hard work, time, love, fundraising and financial support. We now have an opportunity to add our dreams to our site by developing new buildings to support our school’s growth.

Our theme for the 2022 Campaign was  “writing the next chapter” as we continue to fundraise for our new middle school area and the larger building that will house music, handwork, aftercare and a new library. Now is the time - it is exciting to be on the cusp of making this happen! Participation in our Annual Giving campaign supports us in the next stage of development of our school site and help us write the next chapter of our story. Every gift, no matter the size, is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your financial support of our school! 



Thank you to all our donors listed below and to all those who donated anonymously!

A - L

Sophia Alvarez
Sahar Assifi
Robert Batista
Ceri Beeman
Autumn Bernstein
Julia Blair
Thea Blair
Siobhan Brady
Lisa Breslauer
Cori Brewer
Svetlana Butnaru
Tom Cardenas
Robin Carlson
Anne Carollo House
Denver Chapman
Ben Chavez
Susann Chism
Matthew Christen
Michelle Collins
Shantille Connolly
Angie Cope
Tishan Cowan
Bill Critchfield
Diana Cuomo
Rosa Díaz
Lane Dalan
Nisha Dann
Kristal Davis Fadtke
Mark & Samantha de Bie
Margaret Demment
Nicole Deutsch
Dominique Dhainaut
Justin Dote
Par Duncan
Catalina Edwards
Jessica Efstratis
Mark Eggleston
Lyndsay & Jeff Falyn
Mollye Fryday
Sarah Gaudio
Xinyue Gong
Barry Gonsalves
Bob & Sara Goulden
Eva Granzow
Jennifer Griffin
Isabella Guedes
Daniel & Dahlia Haberman
Alisa Haller
Alice Harvey
Jim & Elena Hickey
Shannon Hickey
Nancy & Dean Hiestand-Vogel
Wesley Hight
Amy Hillman-Siracusa
Lynn Ho
Karen Holt
Braydon Holtzinger
Juchen Hou
Don Hutchins
Mackenzie Johnson
Misty Johnson
Marta Juliao
Lara Justine
Cameron Kane
Michael Kapovich
William and Tina Kelley
Janice Kesterson
Julie & Ed King
Vatrena King
Jeremy Koch
Neil Koehler
Angela Kost
Joon Hyeong Kwon
Sherrie Ladegast
Heidi Ladner
Emily Lalande
David Lanier
Erik Larum
Heidi Ladner
Michael Layson
Sakina Lemieux
Seth Leonard
Christopher Lief
Christy Lindley-Bacchetti
Lani Lindstrom
Jennifer Littell

M - Z

Fei Ma
Nakisa Mansoori
Holly Markham
Veronica Marshall
Jennifer Mason
Rebecca McGrath
Paul McGuire
Shea McGuire-Keane
Hadley Messner
Steven Milliken
Claire Mills
Todd and Krista Muchmore
Stephanie Mudge
Frank Muller
Jenna Muller
Allison Nagel
Sastry and Venkata Neti
Viv Neti
Holly Nichols
Mary Nichols
Laila Niyati
Mary & Matthew Norris
Audra Orr
Franklin Ostrum
Allison Overmon
Sawsan Overton
Adriana Pèrez
Vanhanh Pham
Erik Pilmanis
Carson Poe
Casey Powers
Maddie Price
Sara Pro
Robin Rainwater
Jamie Randol
Benjamin Ratner
Scott Redding
Jennifer Rexroad
James Roberts
Anthony Rodriguez
Lauren Rosborough Watt
Sandra Rose
Georgeann Sack
Michael Schaps
William Schmidt
Jen Schmidt
Jennifer Schultens
Robin Schulz
Patricia Sesser
Kristin Sesser
Bonnie Shea
Jenn Short
Gary Simon
Suzanne Slade
Jennifer Slater
Tara Smith
Mary Ann Smith
Mari Soshi
Alice Stamm
Nathan Stankowski
Trista Stanley
Alison Steiner
James Stellmach
Isaac Stevens
Dorian Stone
Julie Stone
Craig Sulzburgh
Sanam Symboli
Kristy Taylor
Lisa Thompson
Eden Tomich
Jeff Trunnelle
Kelly Trunnelle
Luciana Turkovich
Marylou Vanderkous
Rosanna Vann
Rebeca Ventura
Megan Vizzini
Gabrielle Walton
Chris Whitacre
Michael Wickboldt
Sara Williams
Erica Wood
Yoerina Yee
Hallie Yu
Kymberli Zakrzewski
Meghan Zavod
Tim Zhang


The Davis Waldorf School is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and every gift to the school is 100% tax-deductible to the extent of IRS regulations.


Ways to Donate

  • Online: Processed through Paypal. Please be sure to specify in the memo the purpose of your giving and the class your funds will be supporting.

  • Check: Mail a check to Davis Waldorf School, School Director, 3100 Sycamore Lane, Davis, CA 95616. 
  • Employer Match: check with your employer to see if they match a donation to a non-profit organization and double your gift!
  • Become a DWS Sustainer! Sign up to give monthly and help us make a difference all year long.

Davis Waldorf School is a 501(c)(3) non profit, and all donations are tax deductible.  Our Tax ID is 68-0100520. 

Thank you for supporting our school and students.

Initial Campus Construction