Davis Waldorf School (DWS) is a non-profit institution governed by a Board of Directors. We receive no state or federal funding. Therefore, all funding must come from tuition and fundraising efforts.  To sustain and enrich a Waldorf education for our children, we must rely on more than just tuition, which accounts for approximately 80% of our operating income. No independent school could charge the full cost of educating its students without pricing itself out of the market. That’s why every independent school has an Annual Giving campaign and other fundraising events.The generous expression of shared commitment and support through our fundraising activities accounts for the other 20% and ensures Davis Waldorf School will be able to continue to offer an outstanding and inspiring education to our students today and for many years to come.

Why Give?
As a member of the DWS community, you are part of a group of people that cares deeply about the world. Through our incredible commitment to a positive future for our children, we can change the world into a place of greater possibility and peace. Each day, our faculty and staff (with the help of parents and grandparents) provide an oasis for our children where they are loved, nurtured, educated and truly seen and heard. We are so fortunate to have such a meaningful and conscious learning environment for our children. The children are truly the blessings at the center of the school and, with your donation, we can continue to provide this inspiring education for them.

What Does My Donation Accomplish?
Your donation helps limit tuition increases, supports full programs, strengthens faculty compensation, provides maintenance of our school facility and grounds and maintains an economically-diverse student population. Each year, tuition and fees are set at a level that will support the school’s programs and needs and yet remain affordable to a broad range of families. Our fundraising efforts allow our school to provide a full Waldorf education—academics, movement and physical education, foreign language, handwork and woodwork, music, gardening, drama, and fine art.

Are There Other Benefits to Giving?
Another benefit of giving to our fundraising efforts is that tuition is not tax-deductible, while gifts to the Annual Fund and other donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent of IRS regulations.