Parent Child Program

Our Hollyhock Parent Child classes provide an opportunity to support your child’s development and make lasting connections with other families in a class facilitated by an experienced teacher.  Classes are held in a peaceful, home-like environment, carefully arranged for creative play. Parent Child classes are the perfect preparation for Waldorf education for the very young child. 

Registration is open for our Spring and Summer Sessions!


Meeting Times & Program Prices


Months Old

12:15 - 1:15 pm

1 HR $150
Months Old
10:30 - 11:45 am
1 HR 15 MINS $185
Years Old
8:30 - 10:00 am
1 HR 30 MINS


Spring Session:
May & June

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Summer Session:
July & August

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Spring Session

Classes will meet on: May 21 & 28; June 4, 18 & 25.

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SUMMER Session

Classes will meet on: July 23 & 30; August 6, 13 & 27.

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Meet your facilitator...
Danielle Murphy Faris has returned to our school after a nine year absence.  In the past she was a preschool assistant and worked in the kindergarten nap-program and aftercare.Over the last nine years, Danielle assisted in the kindergarten classroom at Cedar Springs Waldorf School and completed her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Contemplative Psychology specializing in Early Childhood Development, and Holistic Nutrition respectively.

Danielle is a Sacramento Waldorf graduate herself, and has attended many lectures and conferences through the Rudolf Steiner College. She has been attending the parent-child program with her own son consistently over the last two years and is currently completing her RIE training. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, and is delighted to be part of the Davis Waldorf School community again.


Waldorf Early Childhood work is based on the ideas of Rudolf Steiner.
We work from these following themes:

  • Young children learn through imitation. 
  • Rhythm in the home and school life helps the child feel secure and builds an inner self discipline. 
  • Children need the protection of the senses in the early years and deserve to be surrounded by goodness and beauty. 
  • Children’s play is their work and is an important part of their healthy development. 
  • Play connected to the seasons of the year as much as possible is wholesome for the young child and engenders a love of our Earth. 
  • Our children are our greatest teachers.


Class Descriptions 
Mobile Baby (6 to 15 months old)
The newly mobile baby moves around the room, encounters other children, and is interested in things farther away - travels away from the parent or caregiver, and then returns. Simple toys to discover are placed in the environment, and simple platforms and low ramps are offered for their first climbing adventures. Parents and caregivers learn how to create environments that are safe for the young explorer and learn about developmental movements and social development; as well as learn ways to resolve small conflicts that may begin to arise over a toy or personal space or the challenge of a new task taken up by the child. Songs/nursery rhymes are introduced and a very short interactive song/story comes at the end of the class.

16 to 23 month olds
Children have the opportunity to explore, imitate, play in more daring and creative ways, learn simple finger games and enjoy a snack together.  Caregivers will observe and support, learn new strategies around conflict resolution and boundary setting and meet new friends. 

2 to 3 year olds
The child's imagination is encouraged through indoor play, song, stories, and games. More opportunities for gross motor development happen with more challenging environments and play.  A simple snack is shared. Our teacher guides children through new skills and parents observe and support their children, learn strategies around conflict resolution and boundary setting and meet new friends.