High Schools



Da Vinci High School, 9th - 12th Grades in Davis
About: Da Vinci Charter Academy envisions a learning environment uniquely able to prepare students to excel in a diverse, technologically advanced society and to craft their own valued educational experience. 
Enrollment: Look for 8th Grade Student Preview Day and application process information in early January of the year you wish your child to enroll. 

Davis High School, 10th - 12th Grades in Davis
About: Davis Senior High School is a three-year public comprehensive high school with a reputation for academic excellence and an emphasis on preparation for college. It is the mission of Davis Senior High School to educate students over a broad spectrum of academic and artistic areas; to expand their worlds socially and culturally; and to further their growth into mature, responsible adults.


Dixon High School, 9th - 12th Grades in Dixon
About: Dixon High School develops and integrates the structures and practices necessary to ensure all students learn at high levels. Students graduate from Dixon High School college and career ready, prepared for the global demands of the 21st century.
Enrollment: New families.


Sacramento Waldorf, 9th - 12th Grades in Sacramento
About: We accomplish our mission by recognizing each student as a unique individual with body, soul, and spirit. We offer an academic, artistic, and experiential education based on the insights and pedagogy of Rudolf Steiner, which is a holistic approach that meets the needs of the developing child. By holding a reverence for the path of each individual, we cultivate a dynamic culture of community and life-long learning.
Enrollment: Look for information in October of the year prior to the year you wish your child to enroll.


Vacaville High School, 9th - 12th Grades in Vacaville
About:  Vacaville High School is a comprehensive public secondary school committed to exceptional teaching, discovery, and service. Vacaville High is committed to providing a 21st century education, Vacaville High School now serves students from across the county and beyond.


Pioneer High School, 9th - 12th Grades in Woodland
About: The collective staff of Pioneer High School is committed to creating and maintaining a collaborative school culture that encourages and supports the academic, social and emotional growth of all students

Woodland High School, 9th - 12th Grades in Woodland
About: Woodland High School provides and advocates for a quality education program for all students, which emphasizes high expectations, personal responsibility, and clear academic standards. Our goal is to ensure a safe learning environment promoting ethical and responsible citizenship while building community and parent partnerships.
EnrollmentApplication process.