Festivals & School Events

At the Davis Waldorf School, we celebrate universal spirituality. Our school’s interest in spiritual matters is aimed at awakening the child’s natural reverence for the wonder and beauty of life. While religion is not taught at our school, we do observe traditions associated with Christianity, Judaism, and other religions, when appropriate. We recognize and honor the diverse faiths of all our families. The curriculum itself, through the Old Testament and Hebrew studies, Norse, Indian, Egyptian, Roman and Greek mythologies, provides many opportunities to share religious and cultural traditions in the classroom.

We like to acknowledge and share the religious customs and celebrations enjoyed by our families. If you are interested in celebrating special holidays in your child's classroom, we encourage you to give suggestions to your child’s class teacher. Parent participation helps to make these festivals meaningful and special. Parents are welcome to keep their children home in observance of their own religious holidays.

We feel the ceremonies and rituals associated with the rhythms of the seasons of nature help reveal the deeper significance in many everyday occurrences. The living rhythms of the year, though taken up in each class in different ways, help provide a common foundation for the children.  Children love preparing for the festivals by decorating the room, baking special treats, learning special songs, etc. Nature stories, songs, poetry, and special tales help bring deeper significance of the season to the children in a pictorial way.

This page describes the festivals and school events at Davis Waldorf School (DWS). For information about dates for this year's festivals and events, please see our school calendar.

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