Tuition & Fees

It is the intention and policy of the school to welcome students from the broadest possible range of the social, economic, and cultural spectrum. A diverse community benefits all of our students, staff and faculty. We offer a generous sibling discount and tuition assistance to families who qualify. 

Although our school year runs for nine months, we spread payments over eleven months to provide parents with a lower payment. Payment plans begin in July and payment options include: 11 monthly payments; 10 monthly payments; 4 quarterly payments; or 2 semi-annual payments. If you pay in full by June 30, 2019, you will receive a 2% discount on annual tuition.

We offer a generous sibling discount on tuition rates to siblings attending kindergarten through eighth grade.  Full tuition is charged for the oldest child.  The second child receives a 20% discount  and subsequent children receive a 40% discount.  Class fund fees are not discounted. Receipt of the sibling discount requires continued attendance of the sibling(s). Should a sibling withdraw or enter during the school year, the sibling discount will be adjusted.

2019-2020 Tuition (September 3, 2019-June 5, 2020)

  Tuition First Child Tuition First Child/month
(11 month payment plan)*
Tuition Second Child
(20% Discount)*
Additional Children
(40% Discount)*
2 Day Preschool $4,306 $401    
3 Day Preschool $6,262 $583    
5 Day Preschool $10,091 $936    
Kindergarten $11,033 $1,021 $9,026 $6,820
Grade 1 $12,110 $1,115 $9,838 $7,416
Grade 2 $12,730 $1,170 $10,334 $7,788
Grades 3-8 $12,730 $1,182 $10,459 $7,913

*Includes Class Fund fee which is billed per chosen payment plan. Rounded up to nearest dollar.

Additional Fees

Application Fee $50
Enrollment Fee (new families) $400
Enrollment Fee (preschool only families) $250
Early Re-Enrollment Fee (returning families) $300
2-Day Preschool Class Fund Fee $100
3-Day Preschool Class Fund Fee $150
5-Day Preschool/Kindergarten Class Fund Fee $200
Grades 1-2 Class Fund Fee $150
Grades 3-8 Class Fund Fee $275
Yearbook $25
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