Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Vision– to create a community to educate our children with love and care, with imagination and in freedom, to allow them to realize their full potential as free human beings who will serve humanity through their deeds.

Our Mission – through a balanced and developmentally-aligned curriculum, the Davis Waldorf School builds a strong academic, artistic and social foundation in which each student cultivates a capacity for independent thinking, compassionate feeling, and responsible action.
Our Values – the DWS community fosters a reverence for life and hope for humankind as we endeavor to bring healthy change into the world.

We value…

Holistic and Healthy Education
We endeavor to bring a curriculum that balances academic rigor with a striving to educate the whole child through art and practical skills, music, movement, and social and moral development.  We support the children in finding meaning and purpose in life with confidence and a sense of responsibility.

Inspirational Teaching
We engage dedicated, reliable, and artistic teachers who, with enthusiasm, are capable of enlivening education and inspiring each student.   

Respect for the Natural World  
We cultivate an understanding and experience that nature sustains life and nurtures, heals and inspires us. 

An Understanding of Human Development  
We respect the indications from Rudolf Steiner for the developmental phases of childhood and curriculum that strengthens each individual child’s natural capacities to discover, learn, and grow at each phase.
A Healthy and Vibrant Community Life
We cultivate meaningful relationships between our teachers and students, creating a supportive and engaging environment of Waldorf community members.  We strive to work collaboratively and cooperatively with one another in a supportive school community.  Additionally, we strive, through our multicultural education, to teach respect and an understanding of diversity within our community and our world.  In doing so, we endeavor to extend trust, compassion, respect and understanding to one another without judgment.  We encourage and foster all  to communicate in a direct, yet thoughtful manner, which promotes confidence, connection, and trust.  We offer opportunities for education, enrichment, festival celebration, social connections, and meaningful work within our community.