Subject Teachers

Reza Assakereh, Woodworking Teacher

Reza Assakereh has been an active member of the DWS community since his son started attending preschool in 2018. For over thirty years he has taken great joy in working with his hands in a variety of trades. Reza is passionate about teaching children of all ages the practical and rewarding skills that come from working with your hands to create something useful out of raw wood. He has seen how woodworking can support their development of creativity, perseverance, and independence by making something on their own. When he is not working, Reza loves connecting with family around the world, getting out in nature, and cooking nourishing food.




Bill Critchfield

Bill Critchfield, Woodworking Teacher

After working as a laboratory scientist for many years, and with his head well-exercised, Bill followed his heart to teaching.  In teaching, he has been lucky to find woodworking at DWS, where hands and hand tools are in motion to craft useful and beautiful objects for everyday living - A section of branch is steadily transformed into a spoon, or an assortment of woods is carefully measured, cut, and shaped to become a stool.  Bill loves witnessing the alchemy of woodworking - The student brings effort and creativity to change the wood, and in the process the wood changes the student and brings joy.  Bill has two children that attended DWS that are now out of college.




Dahlia Haberman, Handwork Teacher

Dahlia Haberman has been the Handwork teacher at DWS since 2005. Before coming to the U.S. in 1985, she trained in Art Teaching and Handwork Education in Israel. In 2008 she completed her Handwork Subject Teacher training at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks. Mrs. Haberman established a rich and comprehensive  Handwork program in DWS in the past 17 years, based on the Waldorf view of child development. Mrs. Haberman currently serves as core faculty member on the Waldorf Handwork Educators, an online teacher training program.

Mrs. Haberman’s passion is passing the joy of making things of beauty on to children and adults.  She has been also involved in the life of the school as a parent volunteer, member of the College of Teachers, editor of the yearbook, chair of Winter Craft Day, as well as having taught handwork to DWS parents and served on several committees. Mrs. Haberman is a mother to three adult children. Her daughter Ella graduated from DWS in 2009. Mrs. Haberman loves to be in nature, spend time with family, and, of course, sew, knit,  learn and teach crafts from different cultures.


Shellie McCallen, Handwork Teacher

Shellie McCallen, along with partner Rob and 2 children, began their journey at Davis Waldorf School in 2010. Her children, Callen and Mary Jane, have since finished their adventures at DWS and are continuing their education at Sacramento Waldorf School. After volunteering for many years as a parent in the classroom during Handwork, in support of school festivals and class plays, and occasionally covering the front desk, Shellie joined the DWS office team full-time as Office Coordinator in 2018.

She has a wide variety of interests and skills including spending time with family and friends, tent camping, designing outrageous costumes for the Burning Man art festival and traveling home to visit family in Washington State as much as possible. She loves to create things by hand and hopes to keep traditional fiber arts alive with an attempt at Scandinavian bobbin lacemaking in the near future. You might find her discovering buried treasure at local thrift and vintage stores.


Dominique Medina Dhainaut

Dominique Dhainaut-Medina, Gardening Teacher (Lower School)

Dominique Dhainaut-Medina along with her life partner Javier and their three children Pascal, Marai and Amelia moved to Davis and joined DWS in 2022. Growing up in the city in Chile she decided early on she wanted to be a farmer and went to school to ‘’become one’’. After Graduate School at UC Davis and becoming a mother over 8 years ago, she discovered the immense joy of spending time with children in nature and accompanying them in the exploration of our surroundings. Working with children she has witnessed the power of nature as healer and the rich sensorial enrichment it provides. She believes that involving children in the caring of our natural world is crucial for sustaining our life on this planet and one beautiful way to achieve this is by learning from the food we eat and the land that grows it.  

The emphasis in the respect for the natural world was what initially drove her to Waldorf School where her children have attended since their preschool years. Now she joins DWS as the gardening teacher with the desire to keep making the garden a place to have fun, to learn, to eat together, to share our food cultures, and to inspire children and their families to care for our Earth. When she is not at school, she loses herself in her garden, tending for the plants and the soil and picking fruits and veggies for her family to enjoy. 



Marta Juliao, Spanish Teacher

Marta Juliao has been a Spanish Teacher at Davis Waldorf School for the past 21 years and currently teaches First through Eighth Grade. She was born in Colombia and moved to the United States in 1993. Marta received her Bachelor's degree in Economics from the Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia. She also attended Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento for several Spanish training classes. 

Marta is an interpreter and a translator, and has mentored other Spanish teachers in the area. She enjoys teaching children at school, and also offers private tutoring sessions for children and adults in Spanish. In addition, Marta is an artist and has had several landscape exhibitions in the Sacramento region. She has been teaching art lessons as an after school elective at DWS for several years now. She has an art studio in Davis and offers private art lessons as well, teaching acrylics on canvas.

Marta loves traveling, painting and learning from other cultures. She is married and has two daughters.

B.S. Economics. Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia


Angela Kost, Strings Teacher

Angela Kost started music ensembles at UCSD, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and the University of Washington during her twenty years working as a biology research assistant. These groups were comprised of scientists from academic departments and ranged from bluegrass bands to chamber music orchestras. She also played in university symphonies at Stanford, UCLA, and UCSD.  

Angela enjoys fiddling and has won numerous fiddling awards, including first place in twin fiddling with her daughter at the 2016, 2019, and 2022 California State Fiddle Championships. Angela began teaching strings at DWS in 1993 and currently teaches strings in grades 4-8 and after school fiddling classes. Our students perform at school and community events. Angela also enjoys performing with her family and friends at nursing homes, weddings, and special occasions. When she is not playing her violin, Angela farms a 13 acre organic walnut orchard in Rumsey in the beautiful Capay Valley.
B.A. Biology, Stanford University; M.S. Ecology, UC Davis; Post-graduate studies in Music, UC San Diego


Alice Stamm, Early Childhood Eurythmy Teacher

Alice Stamm has been teaching eurythmy since 1975. She began her eurythmy training in Eckwalden, Germany and finished with Else Klink in Stuttgart. Alice also trained in therapeutic eurythmy, receiving a diploma from the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.
Having moved back to the States in 1978, she has taught in trainings, Waldorf schools, and did performing work in Spring Valley, Kimberton, Chicago, on the west coast in Los Angeles, and now in Fair Oaks. For the past 12 years until she retired, she built up both pedagogical eurythmy and remedial work at a Highland Hall Waldorf school in L.A. and since 2004 has been teaching at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks as well kindergarten eurythmy at Davis Waldorf School and several public schools in the Sacramento area. She does mentoring of colleagues as well.
She is president of the Eurythmy Association of North America which she began with six other colleagues in 1979. She also helped to form the Section Collegium for the Performing Arts in North America in 1988.  


Samantha de Bie, Upper Grades Math Teacher

Bio to Come.


Jack Tetreault, Games Teacher

Jack Tetreault grew up in Davis and is what’s known as a “lifer” at Davis Waldorf, joining Climbing Rose kindergarten in 2005 and graduating in 2014. After Graduation he spent a year studying abroad at “Freie Waldorfschule” in Germany. He returned to Davis Waldorf in 2018 as part of Mayfair Royalty.

Jack has a passion for encouraging growth and learning through willingness to try new things and persevering through adversity. The movement program at Waldorf shaped his love of an active and healthy lifestyle; and he wishes to pass that love along to future students.

Outside of school you can find Jack outdoors, traveling, and exploring new hobbies. Many of his afternoons are spent rock climbing with his brothers or enjoying walks along the greenbelt.  During the summers he spends his time as a whitewater rafting guide on the American river in Coloma.


Zoë Garcia, Music Teacher

Zoë Garcia is a native of Northern California growing up in both Berkeley and Davis. She earned her Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Music Education at St. Olaf College where she lived in a small snowy town outside of the twin cities, Northfield MN. While growing up in Davis, Ms. García attended the Davis Waldorf School, and credits her time there for sparking her love of all things involving creativity and her greatest joy in life, creating music with others! She is inspired by the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner, as she aligns with the belief that music making must be approached in a holistic manner; honoring the mind that learns the music, the body that is the vessel to create music, and the spirit which brings life and meaning to each song.

Her mission as an educator is to guide her students through the lifelong journey of learning to love and trust their own voice, in both music and in life. "Body, mind, spirit, takes a whole person to sing and rejoice!” In her spare time, she loves dancing ballet and salsa, watercolor painting, creative writing, traveling, photography, visiting art museums, and singing anything, everything, and everywhere!

B.M. Vocal Music Education, St Olaf College