The Davis Waldorf School recognizes three adult spheres of responsibility which provide essential support for the healthy functioning of our school and community. Although each sphere carries its own specific tasks and responsibilities, there are many areas of partnership and cooperative effort. Parents, Faculty and Administration work side by side as members of the Board and they share the work of most of the school’s essential committees. The Parent Council serves as a facilitator to enhance communication within the classes, in the school community and with the Faculty and Administration.

  • Parents provide financial and social commitment and volunteer contributions to make it possible for the school to serve their children. 
  • Faculty provide the quality Waldorf education and pedagogy the children receive. 
  • The Board of Directors protect the legal, financial, and physical well-being of the school, and strategic and long-range planning.

Parents, administrative staff, and teachers work together to co-create many of the school’s festivals and to support the education of the children in the classroom.  As a community, we are committed to working together with mutual respect, goodwill, and an earnest desire to help our school and Waldorf education thrive while providing an excellent experience for our children.

The healthy social life is found when,

In the mirror of each human soul,

The whole community finds its reflection, and when,

In the community, the virtue of each one is living.

Rudolf Steiner