In addition to whole-school oversight by the Director of Pedagogy & Programs, Director of Finance & Operations, and Director of Community Development, the Davis Waldorf School recognizes three adult spheres of responsibility which provide essential support for the healthy functioning of our school and community.

Parents provide financial and social commitment and volunteer contributions to make it possible for the school to serve their children.

Faculty provide the quality Waldorf education and pedagogy the children receive.

The Board of Directors protect the legal, financial,and physical well-being of the school, and strategic and long-range planning.

Although each sphere carries its own specific tasks and responsibilities, there are many areas of partnership and cooperative effort. Parents, Faculty and Administration work side by side as members of the Board and they share the work of most of the school’s essential committees. The Parent Council serves as a facilitator to enhance communication within the classes, in the school community and with the Faculty and Administration.

Parents, administrative staff, and teachers work together to co-create many of the school’s festivals and to support the education of the children in the classroom.  As a community, we are committed to working together with mutual respect, goodwill, and an earnest desire to help our school and Waldorf education thrive while providing an excellent experience for our children.

The Faculty works together to realize the goals of Waldorf education and to deepen their knowledge, understanding, and capacities through necessary work and study. They share aspects of the principles and practices of Waldorf education with parents in class meetings, study groups, parent-teacher conferences, and lectures/discussions. The Faculty endeavors to enhance the healthy social life of the school, primarily through its daily interactions with parents and children during a school week and in the holding of the special events of festivals, assemblies, and ceremonies.

The ongoing mentoring and support of the Faculty is the responsibility of the Pedagogical Chair and the Pedagogical Support Team, comprised of experienced teachers dedicated to upholding the values of Waldorf education and the spiritual principles of Anthroposophy. 

The Faculty acts in partnership with the Board and the Administrative Staff in the responsible running of the school. The Faculty sends a representative to all committees, and cooperates with the parents and the Board in outreach and recruitment efforts.  At least one Faculty member, along with the Pedagogical Chair, serves on the Board and provides monthly reports to the Board. The entire Faculty meets with the Board at retreats scheduled twice per year to discuss matters of pedagogical progress, Faculty needs, social relationships in the school community, strategic planning, and the long range planning for the school.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is the executive body of the Association for Waldorf Education in Davis.A board of directors, with elected officers, is required to maintain the school's legal status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation per the Internal Revenue Service. It is the responsibility of the Board to serve, protect, and help realize the school’s goal of providing a Waldorf education to the children of this community.

The Board of Directors is made up of parents, Faculty members, the Pedagogical Chair, the Director of Community Development, the Director of Finance and Operations, and may include members from outside of the school community. The Board is responsible for the selection of its own members. Board members serve out of a growing understanding of and commitment to the principles of Waldorf education and their fiduciary duties to the organization. The Board fulfills its responsibilities with the help of various committees working within the school. These committees interact with the Board by submitting reports about their particular goals, needs, and successes. 

The Board administers the legal and economic affairs of the school. Activities include fund development, approval of employment and business agreements, and establishing tuition. The Board may establish committees or direct the Administrative staff to aid in fulfilling these responsibilities. The Board is responsible for maintaining and operating an adequate, safe site for the school, its students and employees. Additionally, the Board, along with the Faculty, is responsible for the long-range planning and development of the school.

The Board, Faculty, Pedagogical Chair, the Director of Community Development, and the Director of Finance and Operations are responsible for seeking resolution of conflicts arising between or within the various school groups and encouraging collaborative working relationships among all constituents.

The Board keeps the school community informed of its activities and decisions through the timely publication of minutes available in the office and on the school’s website. Monthly Board meetings are open and community members are welcomed and encouraged to attend. After attending three meetings, community members can be considered for Board membership.

Parents fill many vital roles in our community and provide essential, on-going support of the activities of the school.  Parents volunteer their time by participating on committees, organizing fundraisers, attending Parent Council meetings, joining the Board of Directors, organizing special events and festivals, being a class parent, and so much more!  Parents provide the financial foundation for the operation of the school through payment of tuition and fundraising support. Parents endeavor to provide a home environment compatible with the goals and philosophy of Waldorf education and the Davis Waldorf School’s policies and support their child’s class and teacher by attending parent evenings and helping with class activities and special events. Parents are provided various opportunities throughout the year to deepen their understanding of Waldorf education through class meetings, study groups, and lectures. Finally, class parents and other interested parent volunteers come together within the Parent Council to support a healthy dialog between the Administration and Faculty, as well as help with parent welcoming, parent education, festivals and fundraising.  As partners, parents bring their questions and concerns to their child’s Class Teacher or designated community members.

The healthy social life is found when,

In the mirror of each human soul,

The whole community finds its reflection, and when,

In the community, the virtue of each one is living.

Rudolf Steiner