The Administrative Team is here to help. Our school is so much more than just classrooms, and the dedicated staff who work in the office help keep it running. Not sure who to connect with? 


Jennifer Slater, Director

Jennifer Slater first joined DWS in 2009 as a substitute in our early childhood program. With a lifelong love of teaching that was first shaped from playing school with her sister as a child, Jennifer knew that Davis Waldorf School was a special place.  She immediately fell in love with Waldorf Education. Jennifer held the Climbing Rose Kindergarten class for 7 years and also took on many leadership roles within the faculty during that time including being the first faculty chair at DWS and serving on the board. In 2020 when decisive and compassionate leadership was needed, Jennifer leaped into administration. She enjoys working with so many caring adults (staff and parents) who work to make DWS a remarkable place. When Jennifer isn’t working she enjoys spending time outside in nature with her young daughter, Riley and husband, Chris. 

Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Certification, Rudolf Steiner College; B.A. Child Development, Sacramento State University

PHONE: (530) 753-1651 ext. 114



Coleen Borrego

Coleen Borrego, Pedagogical Chair

Coleen Borrego has loved teaching for as long as she can remember, whether that meant
playing school with the neighborhood children, explaining quadratic functions to her
tenth grade desk partner, or working as a writing tutor. She remembers falling in love
with reading in first grade and how much she loved her teacher. The two were
inextricably linked in her mind, and she wanted to be just like Mrs. Westerman and
become a teacher someday. These two loves led her to major in English and minor in
Education at UC Davis, and then to earning her teaching credential. In time, she moved
to Vacaville and taught English at Will C. Wood High School for nine years – the school
she had attended in junior high!  While seeking a preschool for their eldest daughter,
she and her husband came upon a little flier for a Waldorf preschool. When they went
to visit and the teacher talked about this education, it felt as though heaven opened and
the angels sang -- she had found the home of her heart.  After the birth of their second
daughter, she earned her Waldorf Teacher Training Certificate at Rudolf Steiner
College.  In due time, both daughters enrolled at Davis Waldorf School and she was ready to take up her first class.  She was a class teacher at DWS from 2006 to 2021 and
loved every minute of her time with the children. She is delighted to have the
opportunity to continue to teach in a new way, supporting the teachers as mentor and
Pedagogical Chair.

BA, English, UC Davis, Davis, CA; California State Teaching Credential, UC Davis,
Davis, CA; Waldorf Teacher Training Certificate, Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA

PHONE: (530) 753-1651


Rachel Hilbert

Rachel Hilbert, Director of Community Development

Rachel Hilbert's role at DWS involves spearheading Community Development initiatives, overseeing fundraisers, and managing enrollment, marketing, and outreach activities.
Rachel brings a rich tapestry of experience to our educational community. With a background in teaching, coaching, and community leadership, she is dedicated to fostering inclusive environments where every individual can thrive. Her commitment to social justice, international perspectives and education shines through her various roles.  

Rachel's passion for meaningful connections and empowering voices is evident in her work, whether leading Council, which is  group work where participants engage in deep listening and storytelling, originating with indigenous cultures, at Snap Inc. or uplifting women's voices through her podcast, Unlimited Possibilities. Rachel earned a B.A. in Environmental Sciences with an emphasis in Education from Prescott College and a M.A. in Leadership & Social Justice from Antioch University. She understands the perspective of teachers, as she has been working as a certified teacher for a decade in California with a Professional Clear Credential. Rachel honed her skills through diverse teaching experiences at both private and public institutions. From her role as the English Language Coordinator at Colegio Rudolf Steiner in Chile to her time as a lead teacher at public schools in LAUSD and at Garden of Angles, a private school.  Rachel's journey in education is marked by her proficiency in curriculum development, a deep commitment to fostering holistic learning environments, and empowering students to reach their full potential. In her leisure time, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, friends, and neighborhood community, indulging her love for dance, and exploring new destinations through travel.

PHONE: (530) 753-1651 ext. 110



Gabrielle Walton-Hamilton, Business Manager

Gabrielle Walton-Hamilton graduated with Cum Laude Honors from Indiana Wesleyan University, with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. She has also taken several classes at Columbia College Chicago, specializing in Performing Arts. Gabrielle worked as an Administrator at a non-profit in Merrillville, Indiana for several years before being promoted to Executive Director, where she was responsible for overseeing a 7 figure budget, directing local community programs, events and services, as well as assisting the CEO with policy development and staff trainings. 

After moving from Indiana to California, she worked part time as a Business Instructor at Asher College and then later, full-time as the Finance and Administration Director at Improve Your Tomorrow, a youth based non-profit in Sacramento.  Gabrielle gladly joined the Waldorf team in November 2020, right in the heat of the pandemic and has been in motion ever since. When Gabrielle is not working, she enjoys the arts, teaching, reading, traveling and fine dining with her amazing husband, Darrell. 

PHONE:(530) 753-1651 ext. 103



Katie Mahoney, Office Coordinator

Katie Mahoney grew up in San Francisco, CA and comes from a big family. She loved being from a big city and opted for something along the same size when she moved to Los Angeles at age 18 for college. Katie studied Child Development. Her career in Education has included teaching preschool, being a reading tutor, assisting in special education classrooms,  and working with children and families in early intervention services. She has always enjoyed helping others. Katie has a son named Samuel and a dog named Sunny. She loves photography, hiking, swimming, chocolate and road trips.

PHONE: (530) 753-1651 ext. 135



Cori Brewer, Registrar

Cori Brewer began working at Davis Waldorf School in 2013 when her daughter was in First Grade.  She held Morning Care for five years and also worked as an Aftercare Assistant, and an Office Assistant.  She moved into the Registrar position in 2016.  In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her children and many pets.  She also loves silly jokes, so if you see her wandering around, you should tell her one!

PHONE: (530) 753-1651 ext. 117



Kelly Brewer, Admissions Staff Member

Kelly Brewer  discovered Waldorf education in 1989 while working as a teacher and school Administrator in the Seattle area  She instantly knew that Waldorf methods were the most beneficial approach to learning available and relocated to California to begin her Waldorf Teacher Training.  She settled in Davis where a small Waldorf school was located on County Road 96.  Coincidentally, she needed a local job and DWS needed an Administrator.  Kelly was hired as the first official Administrator in 1990 when the school had only 60 children from K-3rd grade. She coordinated the first Capital Campaign and secured a loan from Rudolf Steiner Foundation to move the school to the donated land on which it now sits in 1992. She fondly remembers planting the trees on campus when they were tiny sticks!  When her son moved to the Sacramento Waldorf School to attend High School, she moved to Fair Oaks.  In 2007 she was invited back by the Faculty to once again be the Administrator.  In 2016 the Maui Waldorf School recruited her to serve as their Head of School and to help develop their new High School.  She loved her time on Maui overseeing a large Waldorf school on 2 campuses with nearly 400 children, 100+ Faculty, and Staff.  She retired in 2020 and returned "home" to Davis where her long-term family and friends reside.  In the summer of 2021, Jennifer Slater reached out to see if she might be interested in serving in the role of the Enrollment Coordinator part-time.  Kelly came out of retirement and returned to DWS in July of 2021 to support the success of the Davis Waldorf School. 

PHONE: (530) 753-1651 ext. 116



Cheyenne Rada, Outreach Coordinator

Cheyenne Rada is a Sacramento State University graduate with an English Literature degree. Born and raised in Northern California, she has always had a love of music, dance, art, literature, animals, and helping people. Between working and going to school, she always found time to tutor her peers as well as younger students. She loves working with students of all ages and strives to see the moment when material clicks in a student’s mind. Her love for tutoring and helping people is what led her to Davis Waldorf School and she can’t wait to help all of the students, faculty, and staff here. When she’s not helping others she enjoys cooking, arts and crafts, painting, and reading.

PHONE: (530) 753-1651 x130





Sharie Sprague

Sharie Sprague, Systems Coordinator

Sharie Sprague is a Sacramento State University graduate with a Communications degree and an extensive technology background. Born and raised in Northern California, she has always enjoyed working with technology and helping people with their technology needs.  Sharie joined Davis Waldorf School in the summer of 2023 with a focus on supporting staff and faculty with all their technology needs. From forgotten passwords to planning system migrations, Sharie is the person to solve all our technological challenges. When she's not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and their crazy, lovable dogs. 

PHONE: (530) 753-1651 ext. 136



Kymberli Zakrzewski, Bookkeeper

Kymberli Zakrzewski has been honing her skills as a bookkeeper since her teenage years, learning the trade from her maternal grandmother who started her own bookkeeping business after raising her five children. Alongside this practical experience, she pursued her education and earned an associates degree in Business from the University of Phoenix. Kymberli also earned certifications in massage, coaching and herbal medicine making.

Kymberli grew up in Yolo County to a large extended family who have been in the area for four generations and counting. Kymberli has a son who has attended Davis Waldorf School since preschool.

PHONE: (530) 753-1651 ext. 102