Davis Waldorf School

Our Educational Philosophy

Inspired Learning for the Whole Child

 The Davis Waldorf School follows the curriculum developed by Austrian philosopher and founder of Waldorf education, Dr. Rudolf Steiner.  The multi-modal program balances artistic, academic and practical work to educate the child on cognitive, physical and socio-emotional levels. The developmentally-oriented curriculum, permeated with the arts, addresses the child's development as it unfolds, stage by stage. Imagination, creativity and social responsibility are emphasized. We believe that children grow and thrive in a creative and nurturing learning environment. Our goal is to educate so that the students leave our school confident that they can bring all their gifts of heart and mind, imagination and discipline to whatever purpose and direction they choose for their lives.

Waldorf Goals
The aim of Waldorf education, as stated by Rudolf Steiner, is “to develop free human beings who are able, within themselves, to impart purpose and direction to their lives.” Waldorf education builds connections between intellect and feeling, body and spirit, imagination and practical ability. Waldorf graduates can be dreamers and innovators, artists and scientists, thinkers and spiritual human beings. Creative human beings who have the ability to analyze the “big picture” will have the integrity and moral compass to change our world. The Waldorf curriculum integrates academic, artistic, and practical studies. Waldorf teachers strive to develop in each child the ability to act out of freedom, based on knowledge, self-reliance, and skill in body, mind, and spirit

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